Your trusted dentist

Welcome to Nova Stomatologia – a unique place that positively suprises with its decor and atmosphere.

To ensure your comfort, before, during and after your visit, we provide:

  • Secure parking right by the building
  • Convenient access by local transport
  • Payment by card, cash or bank transfer
  • Individual approach to each Patient and their needs and capabilities
  • Fair and transparent financial policy – from the beginning of treatment until completion, the costs don’t change

Make an appointment: 123 077 007

Our Patients’ opinions

Grzegorz Ziemiański

“Ms. Natalia is first of all taking care of you. She begins the conversation and immediately knows what your previous experiences with dentists were. If they were bad, she works slowly, step by step. Great dentist!”

Barbara G

“Very friendly and professional dentist 🙂 Heartily recommend to all!”


“I didn't know, that Ms. Natalia is such a specialist of child care...I recommend her for a quick and painless dental treatment. Very good and efficient professional. The clinic is also very OK, all well organized. I would recommend.”


“Emotional, nice, trustworthy and full of positive emotions person. Makes the visit pass quicly and calmly. I recommend the doctor and the dentist's office, where the visits take place. ”

Maja F.

“Hmm... I just like her 🙂 She is always cheerful and kind to people - especially for children, but you can see that she treats with love. I go to the reviews and sometimes we treat something, if there is a need. Very nice person, full of positive energy and smile for children and adults.”