High quality services based on wide-ranging knowledge and many years of experience.

Our aim is to achieve the best treatment results by taking a comprehensive approach. This is why Nova Stomatologia offers preventive treatment of periodontal and dental diseases, conservative treatment, endodontic (root canal), surgical and prosthetic treatments.

How we work:

  • We approach both children and adults treatment with equal delicacy and patience;
  • We make every effort to ensure patients don’t feel any pain, or the very minimum, in every procedure;
  • It’s very important to us that we keep our Patients fully informed at every stage. For this reason, before, during and after the procedure we take pictures using an intraoral camera;
  • We use varying magnification (magnifiers or microscopes), so as not to miss anything;
  • We take our time. We answer all your questions, explain what’s happening and why.

Children and their teeth

Parents are the most important teachers – this is also true when it comes to developing appriopriate oral hygiene habits. That’s why we encourage joint visits, to inform and educate. The purpose of these meetings is to support Parents in teaching and motivating their Children toward good oral hygiene, appriopriate to their age.

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